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We have teamed up with a large pool of excellent partners and associates, including top hospitals, companies, universities, and training institutions in India and the entire World, to provide top-notch training and certifications for our trainees.

A-Training for Medical professionals

  • Specialties:

All medical, surgical specialties, and other healthcare specialties.

  • Programs Types:

Certificates, diplomas, fellowships, memberships, master’s classes, observerships, externships, clerkships, electives, internships, residencies, attachments, rotations, credit hours, CME, workshops, etc.

  • Training Providers:

Hospitals, medical colleges, universities, specialized medical centers, associations, and societies in India and across the world.

  • Type of Trainees:
  1. Undergraduate Medical doctors holding bachelor’s degrees in medicine or dentistry.
  2. Postgraduate doctors holding (Diploma, Master, Board, Fellowship, etc.).
  3. Medical students who are undergoing their bachelor’s degree program and are looking for short-term training or electives etc.
  4. Medical Undergraduates who have completed their medical degree programs and are looking for internships elsewhere.
  5. Doctors in – Training who are during their different specialization.
  • Training Duration:

from one day to a few years.

  • Training Fees:

The fees will depend on many factors, including the type of training required, duration, training providers, type of certifications etc.

  • Certifying Authorities:

Hospitals, medical colleges, universities, specialized medical centers, professional associations, societies, bodies and boards etc.

  • Training Delivery Methods:

Full time, part-time, online, distance learning and blended etc.

  • Training Location:

The training will be conducted at our partner’s institutions (hospitals, medical centers, colleges, universities, laboratories, research centers, etc.) or onsite at the client’s location.

  • Attestation /Authentication:

Governments attest the awarded training certificates and foreign embassies usually attest all documents attested by the local governments.

  • Customized and on Demand Training:

Our company provides tailor-made, customized and on-demand training to suit the requirements of our different trainees.

B-Training for Health professionals

Our corporation provides all types of training opportunities for nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and allied health professionals.

C-Training for All Other Disciplines (Non-Medical)

Our corporation is associated with a vast network of training providers, which enable us to provide a comprehensive range of training in all disciplines, including pharmacy, engineering, IT, agriculture, law, arts & humanities, natural and applied sciences, commerce, languages, accounts, managements, political science and diplomacy among others.

We also provide an extensive range of onsite and customized training programs.

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