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Doctors & Healthcare Professionals 

We have partnered and collaborated with different hospitals, health organizations, academic institutions, and professionals to provide a large range of training, learning, and research opportunities for doctors, healthcare professionals, technicians, paramedics in order to enable them to achieve their educational and professional goals.

A-Training & Education for Medical Doctors

Training programs

  • Specialties: All medical and surgical specialties.
  • Program Levels: Certificates, diplomas, masterclass, observerships, fellowships, memberships, externships, clerkships, electives, internships, residencies, attachments. rotations, credit hours, CME, skill workshops, etc.
  • Training Providers: Hospitals, medical colleges, universities, specialized medical centers, professional organizations in India, and few other countries.
  • Training Certifying Authorities: Hospitals, medical colleges, universities, specialized medical centers, medical associations, societies, bodies and boards, etc.
  • Simulation-Based Learning: We arrange different types of simulation-based medical training for our doctors and healthcare professionals across the world.
  • Cadaveric Hands-on Training: We arrange cadaveric hands-on training for all surgical specialists in several countries.

Educational Programs for Medical Doctors

  • Specialties: All branches of medicine and surgeries.
  • Program Levels: Certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, advanced master’s, fellowships, memberships, and doctoral programs, etc.
  • Mode of Study: Regular (Full time), part-time, distance learning, blended, by research, through mentor and proctored exams, etc.
  • Program Awarding Authorities: Hospitals, medical colleges, universities, medical associations, societies, professional bodies and boards, etc.
  • Study Destinations: India, USA, Australia, UK, EU, and several other countries.
  • Online and Distance Learning Programs: visit online Education page.
  • On-the-job professional and academic programs: We assist medical doctors and healthcare professionals to obtain a higher qualification and to advance their career without leaving their jobs or country.

Research Programs for Medical Doctors

  • We provide research-oriented diplomas, master’s Degree, MPhil, MD, MCh, Ph.D., etc., in most medical and health specialties.

Further, our different subsidiaries, including our training corporations, professional medical colleges, medical boards, etc., provide wide range of services and solutions for medical practitioners, healthcare providers, etc.

B- Programs for Dentists, Healthcare Professionals, and Paramedics 

We provide different training opportunities, educational and research programs for dentists, health care professionals, paramedics, health technicians & technologists.

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